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Authenticating a new painting or drawing by Vincent van Gogh requires considerable research. Because van Gogh lived in four different countries, conducting this research requires fluent knowledge of Dutch, French and English.

What is also imperative is having experienced art historians in the Netherlands and in France, in particular.

In the event that the newly discovered work was found in another country, it is generally necessary to pursue some provenance research in the country of the artwork discovery.

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At Van Gogh Experts, we are a network of art researchers and historians located in approximately 20 different countries. Thanks to our tremendous research resources, our clients can be assured that we have the knowledge and the means to perform a van Gogh authentication and all the research it would require.

The other part of the authentication process includes ensuring that the materials that were utilized to produce the artwork, such as the paper, canvas, metal tacks, wood stretchers, primers, pigments, varnish and even the labels found on the back of paintings, are of the time period when Vincent van Gogh was painting and are indeed the types of materials he used.

At Van Gogh Experts, we apply all the forensic and scientific methods and technologies currently available to study, identify, analyze, date and determine the availability in van Gogh’s time and locations of all the materials that comprise the painting or drawing.

If you have reason to believe you may own a van Gogh that has not yet been authenticated and certified, we invite you to talk to us to explore the possibilities of having your piece of art examined.