In the past, paintings were mostly rejected as a result of a visual examination.

The opinion of the expert was largely dependent on how good his memory was or how skilled he was at performing comparative criticism analysis.

Having vast knowledge about the life of Vincent van Gogh does not guarantee the ability to determine from a visual inspection of a painting or drawing whether it was indeed painted or sketched by van Gogh.

Today, thanks to the great progress made in the development of various techniques in the past decades, we have the convenience of using forensic investigative methods, scientific materials testing and special photography.

In addition, at present, we have improved strategies to find, save, accumulate and compare information in a more efficient way.

As a result, paintings and drawings that have been rejected in the past, even only a few years ago, can now be re-examined using today’s technological achievements and information resources.

If you own a painting or drawing that is possibly by van Gogh and that has previously been rejected, we strongly encourage you to discuss with us the avenues you could take for your artwork to be re-evaluated.

Using modern scientific techniques and information resources, today you might be able to get the confirmation of authenticity that you could not obtain in the past.