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Van Gogh

  • van Gogh (1853-1890) usually signed his paintings with his first name "Vincent." He did not sign all of his works, only those he was ready to sell.

  • Instead of just signing in the lower corners of his canvases he would often sign in unusual places, such as on a flowerpot or on the side of a building. His signatures often pick up on colors in his compositions; especially warm reds or cool blue tones.

  • In some cases he also included the date or underlined his name. Despite some small variations, he wrote his name with relative consistency.

  • Signature is rarely sufficient for authenticating a painting, signatures must be checked, but results must be carefully placed in the correct context. A signature is only one element, and not a determining one, in the process of authentication.

  • "Sorrow. April. Executed 1882". Pencil and wash on paper. Signed 'Vincent' in lower left. Inscribed 'Sorrow' on lower right.

  • Paysanne au bassin dans un jardin. September-October 1885. Black crayon, pen, brush and black and sepia ink and pencil on paper, signed 'Vincent' on the lower right.

  • La maison de Vincent à Arles (La maison jaune) (recto); page of a letter from Vincent to his brother Theo (verso). Arles, September 1888Pen and ink on paper signed 'Vincent' on reverse.

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